Seasons ‘Must-Have’ Piece

Summer has come and gone, bringing on Autumn in full-force. It comes time to welcome the season where the leaves turn brown and begin to fall; the season that transforms the flora into a vibrancy of yellow, orange and red. The fact that red is a natural colour of autumn, it comes to no surprise, that red is the autumn season’s dominant colour trend. Red was seen everywhere on the fashion week catwalk – from Topshop to Fendi – cementing its status as ‘on-trend.’

While the shade is present in various pieces of clothing, it only took me a stroll on the high-street to recognise that it was most dominant in the form of a coat. The first red coat that I saw was from Primark. Admittedly, I sometimes have the same stereotypes about Primark that others do – unfashionable, cheap, bad quality, wear-once and falls apart – however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these clothes were fashionable, (in fact, Primark’s new collection has since been praised in Glamour as well as Vogue) still cheap but surprisingly amazing quality.

This is not to say that I do not like Primark. I may be guilty of stereotyping, however, I have always used Primark for basics, which are as the word suggests essentials. You can see why it came as such a surprise for me to not just need something from Primark – like my basics – but to actually want something from Primark. As the post suggests, that thing that I wanted was a red coat.


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